For Service Providers: Housing Law Training

Audience: Professionals who work with tenants 

Length: 1 hour, including time for questions 

Delivery method: Online or in person 

Cost: $250 virtual | $300 in-person 

Description: These trainings are intended for professionals who work with tenants and have some existing knowledge of housing law, and who are seeking to grow their knowledge about tenant rights to be better able to support their clients. The trainings are participatory and designed to build on the audience’s existing knowledge.  

We offer 1-hour trainings on the following three topics: 

  1. Rental Housing Basics for Service Providers
    The audience will learn the basic parameters of the Residential Tenancies Act and some of the most common issues impacting tenants in Ontario, including deposits, rent increases, maintenance issues, eviction and other issues. 
  2. Eviction Prevention for Service Providers
    The audience will learn about the eviction process in Ontario, including the role and function of the Landlord and Tenant Board and some of the most common issues for tenants facing a threat of eviction. The training will also feature ways in which service providers can support tenants facing eviction. 
  3. Human Rights in Housing for Service Providers 
    The audience will be able to understand the basic structure of the Human Rights Code and its application to housing. Issues discussed include definitions of discrimination and harassment, the duty to accommodate and how to support tenants facing human rights violations. 

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