Intern and volunteer with us

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights!

We offer student internship and volunteering opportunities on a rolling basis.

Please take a look at the opportunities below.

Student internships

CCHR provides an enriching work environment where students can contribute the knowledge and skills they have developed through their studies toward core areas of our work, and gain valuable hands-on experience working with an ambitious non-profit organization.

When internship opportunities are open, we accept students to work alongside our team in the areas of research, legal services, policy and communications.

Please note that CCHR is not able to offer financial compensation to students. We encourage and support students to pursue financial support for their work with us. In many cases, students have secured funding through fellowships offered by their schools or have obtained course credit. We encourage students to speak with their school administration and program advisors about options that may be available to them.

Current opportunities:

We are not currently offering student internships.

Please check back with us soon for future opportunities.


We value the volunteers who support our work.

Please note that CCHR does not offer compensation of any kind to volunteers.

Current opportunities:

We are not currently offering volunteer opportunities. Please check back with us soon.

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