Pro Bono Referral Program

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights invites lawyers and paralegals to join our Pro Bono Referral Program.

About the program

This program matches licensees – lawyers, paralegals and firms – with eligible clients who are facing a violation of their housing rights. Our aim is to connect our clients with meritorious housing law cases to licensees who would be able to provide them with legal services that we are unable to provide. 

The affordability [or housing] crisis has significantly increased the legal needs of families with respect to their housing. CCHR launched this initiative because, despite the existence of other free services for tenants, a recent survey of our clients revealed significant gaps in the legal services landscape.

For all participating licensees, we provide training and materials to help establish a baseline of familiarity with the area of law and provide ongoing case consulting opportunities. We work with firms to develop onboarding processes that collect the information you need to do your best work.

Why participate in this program?

Pro bono service is an excellent way to give back, and this program can add significant benefits to firms of all sizes. If your firm has associates, this program can provide them with real-world experience carrying their own files from start to finish in an area of law where applications are often straightforward. Many associates are also renters, and they may personally appreciate having more knowledge about housing law.

How to get involved

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Lee Webb, Director of Client Services:

This program is generously funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario and the United Way of Greater Toronto.

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