It’s time that Canada’s renters have a secure place to call home

February 9, 2023

A woman stands in front of an apartment building. She is wearing a white t-shirt and a grey sweater, and is holding a purple folder in her arms.

Across Canada, the number of people who rent their homes is growing rapidly, and the challenges they face in their homes are growing too. Many renters face excessive rent increases that leave them vulnerable to “economic eviction.” Many have so few housing options available to them that they must live in inadequate homes that are inaccessible or poorly maintained where they present dangers to their health and safety. Many even face discriminatory and illegal behaviour from some landlords, with no effective recourse available to them to protect themselves and their rights.

These are common issues that renters across Canada are facing every day. Right now, laws that apply to renters in Canada are unequal across the country, and not all renters enjoy the same basic legal protections that would allow them to live securely in their homes. This is not acceptable and it has to change.  

Housing is a human right, and it’s time for our governments to acknowledge that renters, like everyone else, need homes that are adequate and secure. 

Contact your local representatives and tell them that renters need secure homes so that:  

  • They will not face discrimination when applying for housing or while renting, and there is effective recourse available if they do.  
  • They will be able to remain in their homes and will not face “economic eviction” due to excessive rent increases at a landlord’s whim.  
  • Their home will be accessible, well-maintained and in a state of good repair.  
  • They will be able to access the support and help they need in order to challenge unfair or illegal behaviour on the part of landlords.  

All renters – no matter where they live – need basic legal protections so they can live in secure and adequate homes. 

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