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About our education and training work

We believe that education and empowerment can transform lives. 

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) offers intensive training workshops to renters, service providers, community workers and housing providers in Ontario. Our workshops cover the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and eviction prevention strategies, and are designed to inform attendees about the right to housing, and how it can be protected and claimed.  

We work with community partners and offer training for:

  • Groups of renters, to increase their knowledge of their housing rights and learning how to assert them.
  • Service providers, to develop strategies to help their clients navigate housing challenges.
  • Community and front line workers, to assist them in using human rights strategies in their work with clients on rental housing matters.
  • Housing providers, to educate them about housing and human rights laws.

Our workshops and trainings are offered on a sliding cost scale,
designed to meet the needs of the organizations that we work with.

We are also able to create custom trainings on request.

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For people outside of Ontario

If you are not based in Ontario and are interested in educational opportunities, we offer workshops on the right to housing from time to time. Join our mailing list below to stay informed about upcoming opportunities.

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