Policy Advocacy

Engaging communities, proposing solutions.

About our policy advocacy work

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) works with partners and communities across Canada to advocate for the implementation of rights-based housing policies to ensure everyone has an adequate, accessible and affordable place to call home.

For 35 years, we have assisted governments and policymakers to identify the causes of systemic housing issues in Canada and to develop solutions. We also have a long history of engaging with international human rights processes to promote the right to adequate housing and enhance compliance with international standards in Canada.

Today, this work spans across jurisdictions:

In municipalities, we are collaborating with local advocates and organizations, forming coalitions and encouraging cities to adopt a right to housing approach in their housing plans and policies.

In provinces, we are meeting with members of provincial parliament from all parties and encouraging them to prioritize housing in their mandates and platform commitments.

At the federal level, we are monitoring developments and encouraging the government to take action on its commitment to realize the right to housing.

At the international level, we are informing United Nations experts about critical housing issues faced by communities across Canada, and providing rights-based recommendations on how governments should address these issues.

Explore our latest policy proposals

Policy recommendations by CCHR are informed by our work with communities across Canada who are impacted by housing precarity and homelessness. Our recommendations offer innovative solutions that can be used by all levels of government to address systemic housing issues and advance the right to housing.

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