Budgeting and Allocating Resources to Implement the Right to Housing in Canada

February 25, 2022

The Government of Canada’s National Housing Strategy (NHS) commits to address the housing needs of the most vulnerable, promote community building and encourage partnerships to advance the right to housing. How will this be done?

This pamphlet examines the extent to which governmental budgeting and resource allocation is contributing to meeting the goals the federal government has set out in the NHS, as well as its commitments to implement the right to housing as outlined in the National Housing Strategy Act (NHSA).

Highlights include:

  • A breakdown of federal funding commitments and provincial contributions that have been made to implement the NHS
  • An assessment of critical shortcomings and gaps in investments needed to meet the government’s right to housing commitments
  • Actions needed to secure the right to housing through NHS funding mechanisms

This pamphlet was produced by the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) – formerly known as CERA – and the National Right to Housing Network (NRHN).

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