The Tenant Leaders’ Toolbox: Resources for Housing Rights Advocacy

February 28, 2023

As a tenant leader, advocating for tenant communities on the ground will require a fair knowledge of the policies and legal frameworks through which the right to housing is implemented in Canada. This toolbox provides a range of practical resources to support your leadership and advocacy work, with tools to increase your understanding of the right to housing in Canada.  

Knowing your rights and informing your community

Tenant leaders will usually be the first point of contact for impacted communities – with tenants themselves but also politicians, developers, lawyers and housing service providers. A key aspect of your advocacy work will be information: knowing which laws and policies regulate housing and how to best navigate the housing system will go a long way in preparing your claims and providing support to fellow tenants.  

Explore the Toolbox

Inside the toolbox you’ll find:

  • A toolkit on implementing the right to housing in Canada.
  • Resources on a human rights-based approach to housing, empowering communities to claim this right, and how to target your advocacy.
  • Guides on engaging with local, provincial and territorial governments, and how to make a submission to the Federal Housing Advocate




Additional resources

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) has an online repository of resources on the right to housing in Canada. Below are some key resources on the right to housing, rental housing and the rights of tenants. 

Housing Laws

Implementing the Right to Housing in Canada: A Responsibility of all Governments

Right to Housing

Implementing the Right to Housing in Canada: Planning and Development Tools

Financialization of Housing

Implementing the Right to Housing in Canada: Renovations and Upgrading

Right to Housing

The National Housing Strategy Act – a Primer


Rent control policies across Canada


Resources for renters facing eviction

See also: city-specific resources for Calgary, Halifax and Winnipeg

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