Rights-based training for supportive housing providers and their renters

May 31, 2022

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights is proud to offer an innovative model that delivers rights-based educational training to supportive housing providers, frontline workers, peer supporters, and renters.

When renters who live in supportive housing know their legal rights, and supportive housing providers have the legal know-how to uphold those rights, together they build healthier and more resilient communities.

We offer the following two training and capacity-building models to introduce renters and supportive housing providers to the right to housing framework and rental housing laws:

  1. Workshops for housing providers. The aim of this programming is to build legal competency, awareness, leadership and accountability around accessibility and equity issues to improve support services and uphold the rights of renters. Participants will be provided with ongoing support to apply their learnings in practice.
  2. Workshops for renters. The aim of this programming is to empower renters to build knowledge about their rights and how to assert them. Renters will develop their capacity to navigate rental housing laws and systems so that their tenancies are more stable and successful. Participants will be provided with ongoing support to apply their learnings in practice.

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