Secure Homes for Renters: Why Your Support Matters

November 27, 2023

By supporting the Secure Homes for Renters campaign and the ongoing work of the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR), you can help address the growing issue of housing insecurity faced by countless renters across the country. 

It’s no secret that the path to a sustainable solution is a complex one, fraught with historical negligence and systemic challenges. The decline in governmental support and oversight of the housing system over the past decades has directly contributed to the current crisis, leaving countless renters vulnerable to exploitation and insecurity.  

However, in the face of this challenging reality, hope prevails – CCHR and its network of over 100 partners across the country stand together, advocating tirelessly for the rights and well-being of renters, offering vital support and resources, and driving critical changes in policy and practice. 

At the forefront of this transformative movement is the call for strong rent regulations that ensure fairness and security for all renters. Over the past four decades, provinces have steadily withdrawn from regulations protecting tenants from excessive and unfair rents. While some provinces have retained a measure of protection, more comprehensive and uniform regulations are imperative to protect renters from unjustified rent increases and exploitative practices.  

Your support for the Secure Homes for Renters campaign directly contributes to this crucial mission, advocating for the implementation of fundamental protections that safeguard renters’ rights and pave the way for a more equitable housing landscape in our country.  

CCHR’s multifaceted approach to tackling the housing crisis encompasses not only immediate interventions but also strategic, data-driven initiatives aimed at fostering lasting change.  

Through our Renter Helpline serving Ontario renters, individuals facing eviction and rights violations receive vital legal counsel and support, bolstering their ability to navigate complex housing challenges. Additionally, CCHR’s commitment to public education workshops and community sector training fosters a culture of empowerment and knowledge, equipping both renters and housing providers with the tools needed to secure housing stability. 

Moreover, CCHR’s dedication to delivering comprehensive data and research serves as a cornerstone for evidence-based policy recommendations, shedding light on critical gaps in knowledge and advocating for impactful, systemic solutions. By collaborating with local partners and advocating for rights-based housing initiatives, CCHR ignites a movement that transcends individual experiences, mobilizing communities and decision-makers to prioritize the fundamental right to housing for all. 

Your support is instrumental in sustaining and expanding the transformative work of the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights. Your contributions enable the organization to continue empowering communities, delivering key research, and advocating for crucial policy changes.  

Together, we can build a future where every Canadian has access to a secure and affordable place to call home.  

Join us in this collective effort to champion housing security and equity for all.

Together, we can create a country where secure homes for renters are not a privilege but a fundamental right. Please give generously today.

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