Our Story

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) is Canada’s leading non-profit organization working to advance the right to housing.

For the first 35 years of our existence – from 1987 until 2022 – CCHR was called the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA).

We advance the right to housing by serving renters to help them stay housed, providing education and training about housing rights, and advancing rights-based housing policy through research, policy development, advocacy and law reform.  

Every year, we provide much needed supports to hundreds of renters facing eviction and human rights issues in their housing. We also provide education on housing law, human rights and eviction prevention to a variety of audiences, including vulnerable renters, housing providers and service providers.

As we continue to serve clients to help them stay housed and educate housing providers about their responsibilities, we are also compiling research and data to ignite public action and encourage decision makers at municipal, provincial and national levels to implement the right to housing for all. This work includes engaging in law reform as a means to advance rights-based housing policy where traditional avenues of policy advocacy may not be effective.

The Canadian Centre for Housing Rights’ presence is expanding to all corners of the country through our partnerships at municipal, regional, provincial and national levels, as we work to build and nurture coalitions to advance the right to housing movement in Canada. Our work also extends beyond our national borders, and we continue supporting efforts to advance the right to housing at the international level, as we have for over three decades.

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