Our Impact

At CCHR, we believe that housing is a human right, and we are working every day to create a world where everyone has an adequate, accessible and affordable place to call home.

Our approach is grounded in a commitment to assisting individuals while we work to change systems.

We’re growing and nurturing Canada’s right to housing movement.

From hosting workshops, to running campaigns, to building coalitions, we’re engaging communities across the country who are mobilizing around the right to housing and pushing for change. We’re bringing together dozens of partners at the local, provincial and national level to coordinate and amplify a united call for the right to housing to be realized for all.

We’re helping renters keep their homes, while advocating for equality and justice.

Every year, we provide much needed supports to hundreds of renters facing eviction and human rights issues in their housing. We serve as a lifeline to renters in crisis, providing legal information, advice and referrals, and advocating for their rights. In recent years, renters’ needs have become increasingly complex, and the demand for this work continues to grow

We’re empowering communities with the tools and knowledge they need to uphold housing rights.

For decades, our team of legal and human rights experts have provided training on housing law, human rights, and eviction prevention to diverse communities, service providers and housing providers.

We’re helping Canadians better understand the housing issues communities are facing.

Our team is undertaking innovative research to answer key questions and produce data to drive evidence-based, effective policy change. Through knowledge sharing, we’re working to shore up support for rights-based approaches to housing challenges among policymakers, decision-makers and all Canadians.

We’re bringing attention to housing injustice and proposing solutions to address systemic housing barriers.

We’re speaking with decision-makers at all levels of government, informing them about the critical issues impacting vulnerable communities, and encouraging them to develop and support policies that advance the right to housing. We take every opportunity to deliver policy proposals to governments across Canada and internationally at the United Nations.

What some of our partners say about our work:

“CCHR, for many rights claimants, has meant ‘a place that listened when no one else would and advocated for rights that others ignored.’”

Bruce Porter, Social Rights Advocacy Centre

“CCHR’s long-standing history of commitment in supporting the meaningful implementation of the right to housing has made a tremendous impact on Canada’s legal system.”

Michèle Biss, National Right to Housing Network

“CCHR is doing fantastic work to advance the right to adequate housing for the most vulnerable people in our community.”

Regini David, West Scarborough Community Legal Services

“CCHR puts a spotlight on the issue of housing justice in Canada at a time when this issue is more important than ever in our country and around the world.”

Sarah Buhler, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan
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