Living in a Condominium: A Guide for Ontario Tenants

July 28, 2022

This guide provides Ontario tenants living in condominiums with information on the unique issues they may face.

If you rent a condominium unit, your condominium’s governing documents, as well as Ontario’s Condominium Act, Residential Tenancies Act and the Human Rights Code interact to create the legal landscape in which you live.

Landlords and condominiums corporations both have certain obligations and duties that they owe to tenants. This guide will help you identify what legal rights you are entitled to and provide a brief overview of the laws governing your tenancy.

In this guide, you’ll find information about:

  • The definition of a condominium
  • The legal framework
  • Beginning a tenancy in a condominium
  • Living in a condominium as a tenant
  • Termination of a tenancy
  • Dispute resolution
  • Resources for tenants in condominiums
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