A Human Rights-Based Approach to Housing: A Resource for Tenant Leaders

February 24, 2023

This resource provides an overview of a human rights-based approach to housing. It is designed to help tenant leaders identify the root causes of housing challenges, the groups whose rights are most impacted by those challenges, and the institutions that have an obligation resolve them. It provides guiding tools to develop rights-based housing solutions and to hold institutions accountable for implementing the right to housing.

Highlights include:

  • What is a Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA).
  • Who are rights-holders and duty-bearers.
  • Why is a rights-based approach necessary in housing policy.
  • What are the PANEL Principles and how can they be used in community-based policy advocacy.

This resource is part of our Tenant Leaders’ Toolbox

Inside the toolbox you’ll find:

  • A toolkit on implementing the right to housing in Canada.
  • Resources on a human rights-based approach to housing, empowering communities to claim this right, and how to target your advocacy.
  • Guides on engaging with local, provincial and territorial governments, and how to make a submission to the Federal Housing Advocate
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