Know Your Rights: Printable Resources for Ontario Renters

March 30, 2023

Our collection of printable resources provide basic information about Ontario housing law, human rights in rental housing, and renters’ rights when facing eviction.

Download & print:

We recommend printing a copy of each to keep on hand for quick reference, or to easily share this information with other renters or people in your community.

Printing tip: Each of these resources are 2-page PDFs. If you would like to use only one sheet of paper, follow these instructions to set up your printing preferences.

This printable resource provides information on how Ontario Laws like the Residential Tenancies Act and the Human Rights Code establish certain rights for most renters. This resource is available in several languages.

This printable resource provides information on Human rights in housing based on the Ontario Human Rights Code.

This printable resource provides information on what renters rights are when faced with an eviction and the steps that landlords must follow.

This printable resource provides tips on how tenants can keep a record of interactions they have had with their landlord, in case they need to provide the Landlord and Tenant Board with evidence of their version of events.

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